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Mining Technologies CJSC owns and operates its own manufacturing plant. The company specializes in producing drill pipes and couplings, specifically d73 (GOST 631-75), d63.5 (GOST 7909-56), d50 and d42.

Tool joints it manufactures include ЗН-95 (GOST 5286-75), З-63.5 (TU 41-01-208-76), З-50 (GOST 7918-75), З-42 (TU 41-01-309-77) amongst others. Casings and core barrels produced include GOST 632-80, GOST 6238-77.

In addition, the company manufactures and repairs pipes and drill string accessories for rigs БТС-150, СБШ-320, СБШ-270, СБШ-250 (all variations), 6СБШ-200, 5СБШ-200, 4СБШ-200, 3СБШ-200 and 2СБШ-200.

The production facility manufactures tools that can substitute for imports, such as breakout forks, fishing taps, roller cone stabilizers, centralizer bushings, upper and lower adapters (subs), as well as pipes. These are suitable for Sandvik and Atlas Copco drill rigs D75KS, D50KS, D25KS, D245S, PV-275, PV-271, PV-235, DMM2, DMH, DML, DM-45, ROC L8, ROCL6 and more.

The tools that our company manufactures follow rigorous technical specifications that match in every way the features and characteristics of drilling equipment supplied by Sandvik and Atlas Copco.

We use only high quality, certified materials in the production of drill pipes and casings. Our manufacturing workforce has vast experience, gained over many years, in the manufacture and repair of these products. This enables us to offer a personalized custom approach when clients request alterations to the structural designs of drill pipes. We can also produce unique products directly from client technical drawings.

Our client base lists some of the biggest enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries. We also supply individual entrepreneurs.

Every production batch is certified and accompanied by a Certificate of Quality and Certificate of Conformity.




Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer

Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer
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