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Drill pipe SBSH-250

«Mining technologies» operates its own production facility which specializes in manufacturing drill pipes and repairing them. In open cast mining operations, the sbsh-250 heavy drill pipe is utilized for drilling deep blast holes. The sbsh-250 is a component of the drilling assembly that is deployed in mining, ore production, oil rigs, the iron and steel industry and in geological operations,

Name Pipe length Collet wall thickness Weight Thread Р1 Thread Р2 Drilling machine 8295 mm 50 mm 1500 kg


Special conic

МК154 pitch 6mm conicity 1:16 sbsh-250 ex.24 8000 mm 22 mm 750 kg Special tool-joint with 3strokes pitch 6,66mm conicity 1:6 GOST 631-75 pitch 3,175mm conicity 1:16 sbsh-250 ex.22

Hot rolled pipe with a diameter of 203 mm is manufactured in compliance with GOST 8732-78 St 45 and then used to produce the collet. The steel circle used to produce the nipple and coupling is manufactured in compliance with GOST 4543-71 St 35 CMSI (chrome, manganese, silicon improved).

Payment method and delivery

The agreed contract covers the terms of manufacturing and the delivery schedule and method for the batch. The invoice is then issued and payment is made by bank transfer. Production begins once cleared payment has been received. The deliverables are shipped by the transport company.

The manufacturing process usually takes about 30 days but depends on the size and complexity of the order.

Delivery is by container and the schedule is established by the freight forwarder.

Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer

Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer
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