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CJSC «Mining technologies» operates its own production plant. The company specializes in manufacturing and repairing drill string components, such as drill pipes and related accessories. These are also suited for drill rigs  BTS-150, RD-10, SBSH-270, SBSH-250 (all variations), 6SBSH-200, 5SBSH-200, 4SBSH-200, 3SBSH-200, 2SBSH-200 and several more. They suit rotary blasthole drill rigs and drill rigs SKS, D245S, D50KS, D25KS, PV-275, PV-271, DMM-2, DML, DM-45, ROC L8, ROC L6 and many more.

Our drill pipes and associated equipment are suitable for drill rigs URB, SKB, and ZIF used in geological exploration as well as oil and gas well drilling. We manufacture drill pipes with either right or left-hand thread 5x6, d63, 5, 50x5, d42x which also applies to the related dill pipe joints 5 (TU 41-01-208-76), Z-63, Z-50 (GOST 7918-75), Z-42 (TU 41-01-309-77) and associated couplings (GOST 7909-56, strength ratings E, K, L).

In emergencies, they work well with casing and core pipes GOST 632-80, GOST 6238-77 for drilling water wells and other applications. Only certified high quality materials are used in the manufacture of drill pipes for drilling rigs and for casing and drill pipes intended for geological exploration. Our skilled personnel have acquired many years of experience in manufacture and repair of this type of equipment. This skillbase means we can focus on the individual needs of our clients when they require modifications to the structure of drill pipes. We have the capability to manufacture bespoke products from client drawings.

We always prioritize product quality above all else. Every item undergoes multiple inspection stages by the in-house QC team. Our quality management system is certified as being in full compliance with international ISO standards. Our products are always available from in-house inventory in a range of sizes. Many of our drill pipes, as well as couplings and locks, can be shipped immediately once payment has been received (same day shipping). Manufacturing batches of components for drill rigs can be completed in as little as 20 days.

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Quality assurance and high quality products are our top priorities. Each product we manufacture must successfully pass several QC inspection stages, managed and executed by our expert QC department. Our quality management system has been certified as complying with ISO standards. We maintain a constant warehouse stock of many of our products, available in several sizes. Same day shipping of drill pipes, couplings and locks can be accommodated once payment is received. We can achieve a manufacturing production cycle of 20 days.

Obtain drill pipes and rods direct from the manufacturer

Our company has it's own production facilities where we produce drill pipes (drill rods) and accessories for 2SBSH-200, 3SBSH-200, 4SBSH-200, 5SBSH-200, 6BSH-200, SBSH-250 (drill rods for all modifications), SBSH-270, RD-10, etc .; for drill pipes and starter pipes DML, DM-45, DMM-2, ROC L6, ROC L8, PV-271, PV-275, D25KS, D50КS, etc. 

European and US: starter and drill pipes D50KS, D25KS, PV-275, PV-271, ROC L8, ROC L6, DMM-2, DM-45, DML and more. Drill pipes that we at CJSC Mining Technologies manufacture for drill rigs ZIF, SKB, URB and others are equipped with right or left-hand thread: 5x6, 5 Ø63, Ø50x5, Ø42x5. Couplings: T-63.5 (GOST 7909-56, strengths E, K, L), T-50, T-42. Tool joints: 5 (TU 41-01-208-76), 3-50 (GOST 7918-75), 3-42 (TU 41-01-309-77)

The products that we produce are utilized in drilling oil and gas wells, water wells and drilling exploration.

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